Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jesus brings a new day

Twice this summer former Exeter CU presidents have preached at our church - so much for people involved in CU not being committed to or sticking with church. Another former CU president wrote this:
"the most important thing that happened to me at Uni? I fell in love with the local church"
But anyways, today was last years CU president and our new church administrator Dan Partridge on the parable of new and old wineskins in Luke 5:33-39. It was a great morning of being church family, meeting with God, hearing testimony of salvation and healing, and Dan gave us an excellent end to our parables series. Two things really struck me. One was the need to replace old wineskins with new ones. Illustrated from the film Anchorman (verbally):

Repenting of our old life isn't add in Jesus to what you already have. Jesus wont fit and he'll ruin the old (as in the Pharisees failure to understand why the disciples of Jesus-the-bridegroom weren't fasting). Don't sew Jesus onto the old life, the old needs to be dropkicked off the bridge like Baxter the dog...

Secondly, the seduction of the old way in 5v39. Once you've tasted old wine you think it tastes better. This has explanatory power for why it's particularly the old wine connoisseur Pharisees who the parables always seem to bite. The new has come - the feast of the bridegroom, yet they tragically cling on to the old.

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