Friday, August 13, 2010

How can we stay faithful to Jesus?

My friend Rich Carding preached on Sunday at his church on Jesus' letter to the church of Thyatira in which we see:

1. Jesus the Son of God is powerful and pleased - he's the Psalm 2 Son who knows his people and sees their progress. He loves his bride.
2. Jesus the Son of God is intolerant and angry - he's intolerant of their tolerance of the seducer Jezebel who wants to lead them astray into adultery. He fights for his bride for whom he laid down his life. Let him win your heart again and drown out the lies.
3. Jesus the Son of God is the victorious lover - he has and will overcome all the liars who want to break up his marriage. His bride lives in hope that the lies will end and her husband will come and she'll have him.

We're given a portrait of the divine husband who fights for his people, even against the seductions of Jezebel who whispers in the ear of the church that she can find a better lover than Jesus. Listen and be encouraged.
Download Sermon on Revelation 2:18-29 (30mins)
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