Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Good Samaritan is about the Gospel

I've been arguing this way for a while, as usual Glen puts it better: He saved my life and I don't even know his name

This famous parable in it's context isn't about being a good samaritan but about being helped by the last person you might choose/expect to get help from. A man comes to test Jesus and intends to love his neighbour. This self-justifier asks though, who is my neighbour - i.e. who am I to love.

Jesus asks back, via the parable, who was a neighbour to the man. The lawyer says - the one who helped him. Jesus says go and do likewise... we presume that means go and help others. But the question was who is the neighbour I'm to love, which is to say - loving your neighbour is more about receiving help than giving it.

In the context, where Luke is obsessive about arranging material he's just talked about the disciples receiving from Jesus not working for salvation, and will go on to speak about Mary's receiving ahead of Martha's busyness... and then to the Lord's prayer and the call to ask for salvation... it's all about receiving help from Jesus, the only one who can save.

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