Thursday, August 19, 2010

A desire to play a part in seeing new churches planted

In July I was one of 120 delegates at the first Sovereign Grace Ministries [CO]MissionUK church planting conference. I only made half of it but the sessions I was able to attend were brilliant.

What I love about the guys in Sovereign Grace is not that they're perfect people but that they're people who take the gospel very seriously, who hold themselves lightly, and in whom I see evidence of grace (to use one of their phrases) in their welcome and their generosity and their hospitality. The people I know in Sovereign Grace are some of my favourite people and I thank God for their partnership in the gospel.

You can watch two sessions from the conference here, and get the rest from The [CO}Mission website. See also CJ Mahaney interviews Pete Greasley about the conference.

[CO]MISSION UK Wired for Glory from Christchurch, Newport on Vimeo.

[CO]MISSION UK The Pastor's Charge from Christchurch, Newport on Vimeo.

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