Sunday, July 18, 2010

The whole of Exodus is a prophecy of the cross.

An brief attempt to summarise Exodus... It's all about the purposes of the jealous God to establish his relationship with his people, crushing the serpent seed who rules Egypt and who seeks to strike the woman's seed Israel (all very Genesis 3:16).

There's lots of fire... a firey bush, a plague of fire, a fire roasted lamb, a pillar of fire, a devouring fire on the mountain, offerings burned with fire, an idol burned in fire...

There's a lot of blood... the blood of firstborn sons, the bridegroom of blood, the river turned to blood, the blood of lambs, blood of bulls thrown on altars and on the people...

In chapters 1-18 Jesus fights for his people to save them through the blood of a lamb painted over the doors, and through the death and resurrection of the reed sea, bringing them to the Mountain. The jealous God will have his first born son and defeat the tyrant Pharaoh. It's about liberation from slavery through dark skies and blood and water to reach a mountain.  It's about the cross.

And in chapters 19-40 it’s all about the Triune God dwelling with the people Jesus saved out of Egypt. There is law but it is evidently a way of distinctive living for the liberated - until Christ comes, and the bulk of isn't the ten commandments but the instructions about the tabernacle which are prophetic of Jesus' ministry through the cross. Moses goes to see the heavenly tabernacle so that he can construct a model of it. To see the place where Jesus forever establishes through his death fellowship between the Triune God and his people, catching them up into his life. It's about the cross, where ultimately intimate friendship between the jealous God and his people will be established.


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  1. Awesome! Helpful to see this ministry of Jesus and Moses in the context of Jesus' final work on the cross, which it is clearly pointing towards - the greatest victory and the ultimate way we can live with God