Monday, July 12, 2010

The Simple Things

Carla nails the heart of the preacher:
"It's silly but I feel a self imposed pressure to be able to say something smart or original when it comes to talking about God, but time and again it's the simple things he inspires or challenges me with... grace, love, the gospel... if it's my lot, to only speak simply, for the rest of my life. To be unimpressive and at times probably quite obvious, then I am still in. Even the simplest things about the Father, Son and Spirit are engrossing when my mind is switched on and my heart is ready to be moved."
More of that please! And you can download Carla Harding on Trinity and Community at Revelation Church, Chichester (27mins):
"...a glimpse into the nature of God... Trinity... Father, Son and Spirit...   not an inanimate object but personality, we're supposed to spend our whole lives getting to know Jesus, falling in love with him... at the centre of this Trinity is relationship, God is a community. Father, Son and Spirit loving... we see them together... they work together, they love each other, God didn't create us because he was bored or lonely, he created us as an overspilling of his love...  and this love propels us with the world and one another..."

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  1. I love the simple truths about God also. I gave up on trying to be smart or orginal! Good word.