Monday, July 26, 2010

Preaching that goes beyond what I've imagined

Glen Scrivener quotes Henry Ford saying “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” in a brief post that he tags on the subject of "preaching". It's a brilliant connection to make.

When the preacher begins to speak I know what I want, I want instruction, I want inspiration, I want to have the passage taught, I want to be reminded of Christ....

What I should find is that I'm shown the beauty of Christ in a way that my heart never imagined was possible.

And that's what the Holy Spirit delights to do through a preacher, to cast new light upon Christ from his word. To enable me to see with eyes of faith that Christ is more beautiful than I could have imagined.... such preaching would be jaw-dropping, would be eye-widening, would be heart-enflaming. Such preaching does the important task of persuasively showing what the text says and then continue to doing what the text does.

Such preaching says: believe in Jesus, and shows me Jesus that I might behold and believe in him with my heart...  as J.I. Packer found under the preaching of Lloyd-Jones that came to him “with the force of electric shock, bringing . . . more of a sense of God" As I prepare to preach I want to be asking the Holy Spirit to do that, not for my sake, but for the church. Longing that the Spirit would reveal Christ and impress Christ upon the hearts of his people, though my weak words. And I hope I pray that as I sit under preaching my prayer is the same - for the preacher and for the church. Such preaching goes beyond what I could ever imagine, to what the Father, Son and Holy Spirit reveal, chiefly themselves.

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