Friday, July 16, 2010

Preaching is about the How? And the Wow!

“they saw God and ate and drank” (Exodus 24:11)

That's the centre of the text I'm preaching on Sunday (Exodus 24).
Two key responses: First, wow! And then how did that happen?
My sermon must unpack the how? And the gospel really drips off the page in Exodus 24 which leads to the next thing... Preaching is for the wow too.

Being informed about how isn't enough, the Scriptures reveal God and so they drive us to worship, otherwise as a wise man once said my sermon would be an idolatrous abomination.
So I'm crying out:

Praise to Jesus who saved a people out of Egypt. Praise to Jesus who invited the elders to come into his presence.  Praise to the one who revealed himself to Moses, and came to them by his word.  Praise to the one who called them to be holy as he is holy.  Praise to the one who who revealed himself and his gospel through the law. Praise to the one who would come from this people, imprisoned under law for 1400 years.  Praise to the one who the blood Moses threw over the people points to - blood of bulls and goats couldn't cleanse and perfect and bring forgiveness, but Jesus blood has done it all.  Praise to the one by whose blood we can come too. Praise to the one who didn't kill the unholy blood-splattered elders but laid his life down for them.  Praise to the one who stands on the sapphire pavement (and sits on the sapphire throne - Ezk 1).  Praise to the one whose glory shines, and who comes to be with his people. Praise to the one who appears unapproachable, but whose next word was to reveal the tabernacle. And praise to the one who would offer himself in the heavenly tabernacle and consign Moses' model tabernacle to being obsolete. Praise to the one whose appearance is the appearance of the glory of the LORD, like a devouring fire but who says come, see and eat and drink. Praise to Jesus, and his Father, through the Spirit.

Taste the story of God: Because the Father sent his Son we get to eat with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, by the Spirit.

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