Tuesday, July 06, 2010

In the company of his people

Helpful post from Mark Thompson: The priority of relationships.
He cites D.B.Knox:
The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy him in the company of his people forever.
Which is probably an even more welcome modification to the Westminster Shorter Catechism than John Piper makes. In the company of his people is of course not going to be a closed fellowship - since the relationships of the Triune God are a spreading goodness, the Father sending the Son, the sending of the Spirit... there is intimacy and there is expansion. Both tie in with the observations that the son of man came out from his Father sowing the word, and eating and drinking...

ht: David Kirkman.


  1. I don't think it needs it as a modification. Amplify it if you will, so it's no longer a catechism Q&A, but community is implicit as it's in the nature of the only true and living God, thus the God whom we aim to glorify and enjoy forever. How could we enjoy a Trinitarian God solo? It's a nonsense. So unpack it if you will, to make a point, but why not do so by drawing on the original writers elsewhere? To keep trying to revise the old, or add to it, suggests that the original writers thought nothing of (in this instance) the communion of the saints. They wrote a whole chapter on it in their Confession, for goodness sake. They may not have followed all of the current penchant for spelling out the logical links from Trinity to the rest of God's revealed truth, using our favoured lingo, but that doesn't mean they missed God's revealed truth.
    Here endeth the slight rant. The substance of the post is good enough otherwise!

  2. I agree it's not necessarily individualistic - I just like the community emphasis too!