Saturday, July 24, 2010

I will cover you

David Anderson writes (Gracism, p71):
"How different would your life be if you lived each day committed to the dignity of those around you, especially those in need of special care? What would such a day look like in your world? Instead of families, communities and churches being filled with backbiting or suspicion, how about their being places where believers seek to help each other look and feel their best? How about an environment where I seek to help you succeed and you seek to encourage me? Or more, if I fall or fail will you exploit me and embarrass me because you can, or will you cover me? Is there not a balance somewhere between my sanctification and my missteps? If I ask the wrong question, use the wrong language or hold an unpopular view, will you label, exclude and dismiss me, or will you cover me while inspiring me to new levels of education and growth?"
Challenges the way I am with others, in view of the gospel. Is my greatest concern covering my own back - or do I want to cover others? Do I shift the blame or do I take the flack? Do I advance myself at the expense of others? Do I assume the worst of someone else, or assume the best of them? Do I treat others more harshly than I'd want to be treated? Am I generous with others?

In the gospel Jesus covers me, and helps me die to self and live to the interests of others. But change is slow, so along the way, please cover me.


  1. This is very good. Reminds me to try generosity over judgement - every time.

  2. to bite comes so 'naturally', to love and show generosity is 'divine'. can only change by the gospel, God is so generous in his grace to us in Christ.