Monday, July 26, 2010

Francis Chan at UCCF Forum

"We are pleased to announce that Francis Chan will be with us at Forum this year. Clive Parnell will be hosting a seminar with Francis called "Let worship be the fuel for missions flame". Francis Chan is the former pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, CA. He is the author of Crazy Love and The Forgotten God."

More on Francis Chan at Christianity Magazine

Having heard Chan at Passion London earlier this year I think this is great news. So: Book now for UCCF Forum: National Student Leaders Conference if you have a formal leadership role in your CU or are just keen to see the CU's vision implemented, i.e. to see students at your uni reached with the gospel.

Other speakers include Vaughan Roberts, Richard Cunningham, Mike Reeves. And of course the really exciting thing is that I'm even doing a track "Transformed by the Gracious God" :)


  1. This shows that there is a firm finger (or two) in UCCF on the pulse of the wider church, and society.

    Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing have just published a brand new book called "Millenials" and they say, "Millenials (people born 1975-1994) know their own minds on moral issues around social justice issues such as people trafficking, poverty, third world debt and environmental issues. They have moral convictions but while there is a good deal of overlap and massive potential for harmony, these issues have not always been the moral focus of Evangelical Christians even if they are of huge concern to the Scriptures." (p. 64)

    It would be a huge shame not to have him as a main plenary speaker? I hope he is doing more than a shared seminar?

  2. Not sure it's such a surprise really, just the fruit of ongoing relationships.