Friday, June 11, 2010

REVIEW: Lifted by Sam Allberry

I've had a copy of Lifted on my laptop for about six months waiting to be reviewed. So, big apologies to Sam Allberry that this is only happening now... 
Sam is an Anglican minister in Maidenhead, a West Wing obsessive and blogs at Shibboleth.

Lifted is one of two recent British books on the resurrection. Readers can hardly fail to have missed the blog noise for Adrian Warnock's Raised with Christ. Lifted is along the same theme but takes a different approach.

Adrian considers the historicity of the resurrection and its implications for an experiential Christianity. Allberry demonstrates the importance of the resurrection and its implications for our Christianity to give us assurance, transformation, hope and for our mission. I like both books.

It's a short book that's easy to read, peppered with engaging illustrations and clear interaction with scripture that reflects its origins as a sermon series.

Sam explores the strangeness in our world of our confession "on the third day he rose again". This sounds plausible on Sunday but less so on Monday, but should it be that way? As we're shown how it is our assurance and the basis of change in our lives we can see differently. The observation that the resurrection drove change in the early Christian community (p66) is particularly well put. "The fuel for their generosity was this message about the resurrection... I am united with the risen Christ and with all others who are raised with him... knitted to Christ... knitted to one another.. If we find it hard to give of ourselves and our resources, it's most likely because we've forgotten the life-changing message of the resurrection." Not just a new perspective but "resurrection lifestyle will need the presence of a resurrection Spirit" (p69). 

My only critiques of this book are: First, it has 140 pages but only four chapters - which means they are long chapters - I think it'd have benefited from being broken up a bit more. Second, that cover design is really not great. Very minor critiques.

Overall: Lifted is an excellent book on a key doctrine that I'd recommend widely. Have you read it - what do you think?


  1. I read it a few months ago and reviewed it on my blog. I really enjoyed it - as you say, great illustrations that really do illustrate the points being made, and very engaging. I take what you say about the chapter length, but thoughtthat the chapters worked as they were. More people should be reading this book and glorying in the resurrection as well as the cross.

  2. I'm torn on the chapters - in many ways it was great to think, this is four key things (and memorable) about the resurrection, but there were a couple of points where I thought "I've been in this chapter for long time"... I did read the book in one sitting on a (long-ish) train journey though so that might be my fault!

  3. Got it but not read it yet.

    Yes on the bad cover, and, actually, the title isn't great either. I keep thinking of the lighthouse family, and Christianity is already far too readily associated with bad music in most people's minds.

    Am excited that this sort of book is being written.

  4. Might be the slightly funny dot on the i but it makes me think of Cif

  5. Could have been worse. I could have called it "Agadoo"...

  6. That would have been genius though.
    Given your passions, "What's next" would have probably had my vote.

  7. And, seriously Sam - Thank you so much for serving the church with this book.