Friday, June 11, 2010

The Resurrection is Relevant

I never knew Nathan Fisher.

He was pastor of Devonport Baptist Church who died last month from cancer, aged 40. His funeral was today and several friends and colleagues will have been there.  But for his illness I imagine I might have come to know him - he was commended to me as someone who would be good partner and speaker for our work with students. Now he's with Jesus who was raised on the third day.

The resurrection really counts.

"Our Western society cannot bear to think about death. The only hope it can find is a form that hides away all forms and reminders of death. But true hope is not found in hiding from death, but in being able to come to terms with its reality. For Christians, death is not the end but a new beginning. It is the condition for resurrection. One Christian lady in her mid-fifties told me recently that she doesn't bother to dye her hair. She said he doesn't mind the process of ageing affecting her appearance. Her perspective has been shaped by resurrection hope. The best is not behind her; it is to come... Death is the transition to resurrection. We can therefore look it in the eye: it has lost its sting." (Sam Allberry, Lifted p100-101)

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