Monday, June 21, 2010

Mike Reeves: I'm too cold hearted to be any use...

One moment a Christian can be burning hot for Christ, and yet in the next can feel so cold. Mike Reeves shares his own experience of this, and then a follow-up question about the challenge of preaching self or Christ.
Taken from the front end of his theology in music.

MP3: Christ and my cold heart, and preaching Christ or self (10mins). 
(not the best quality audio - there's an iPod dock on pause pulsing in the background...)


  1. So that's what the pulse sound is! I was so put off by that that I stopped listening several times when I listened, and almost gave up.

  2. Mike had his iPod paused on the dock for the whole day, cued up for playing the music, I should have noticed and turned the power off. Error!

    If anyone has any hints of a good way (ideally using Audacity) to filter that sound out I'd love to know how!