Monday, June 28, 2010

For your glory (Matt Giles)

Another new song by Matt Giles. Derived from Ephesians this is another service to our church, and perhaps to yours too. Go to the Matt Giles Music and Download acoustic mp3: For your glory. And Matt explains a bit more about this song on his blog

I was a stranger to the promise of God,
But I was purchased through the blood of His Son.
It is a work not of my own,
So that I should never boast.

I see the Gospel is much bigger than me,
More than a rescue plan to help in my need.
It is a plan for all of time,
To unite all things in Christ.

For Your glory, I'm saved to the praise of Your glory.
Jesus, for Your glory, I'm saved by Your grace for Your glory.

He bought us fully to make one man in Christ,
That we might turn and love the ones we despised.
There is no wall between us now;
All of the walls are broken down.

He is our peace with God and man,
Through His cross our hate was slain.
He is the hope of all to come,
He is our one, our only name.

(c) Matt Giles, 2010

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