Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who can I encourage today?

Paul sent Tychicus to encourage the hearts of the Colossians (Col 4:8) and wrote 1 Thessalonians as words for encouragement (4:18). Moses was told to encourage Joshua, and David asked for Joab to be encouraged. The scriptures encourage (Romans 15:4-5) for God is a God of encouragement and there is encouragement in Christ (Phil 2:1). I want to be a Barnabas (son of encouragement).

Encouraging is an under-rated gift, people wilt for lack of it and flourish when they receive it. I once heard someone say - "don't encourage people, it'll make them proud" - nonsense. Always encourage and not just with fluff but with substance.

I want to pursue encouragement today. Not just today.

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  1. Love it!
    The more encouragement we can give the better!