Sunday, May 23, 2010

Receiving The Welcome of God (Mark 15:33-41)

Preached twice this morning at our church on Mark 15, a great way to celebrate Pentecost - to remember the day the Triune God became favourable toward us and tore open the way for us to have relationship with him. He extends his welcome - let us come.
Download - mp3: The Welcome of God (2nd service) - 29mins.

Pray: Mark 10:44 today - yes please!
Introduction - exclusion, how it feels to be excluded.
We all think we're in with Jesus - but that's just an imaginary plastic Jesus. So burn your plastic Jesus and look at the real Jesus. In every scene (except two) of Mark's account which is historically reliable.
Jesus is introduced by Mark as the LORD, heaven is torn open, with whom the Father is well pleased, to whom we should listen. He calls himself the bridegroom - going through the sky like the sun - going to lay down his life for his bride.
Mark tells of Jesus predicting his death and resurrection.
Mark 15 we reach Jesus death. The events of Easter, seven weeks ago in our calender.
1. The cloud - marks judgment over the one who should never face it. The cross is propitiation - the Triune God becomes forever, abundantly favourable to us. No condemnation.
2. Better than that: the curtain is torn. Come in! The resurrection is implied in Mark by the predictions and by the torn curtain - we don't need to see the risen Jesus, it's clear. Come, because of the Cross, come and receive the Spirit (it is Pentecost after all). Come freely and receive the welcome of God.

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