Sunday, May 02, 2010

Union with Christ in Ephesians

In Ephesians Paul says that we are blessed and chosen and predestined and adopted in Christ (1:3-6). And that we, the church, are the body of Christ (1:23). The body that sits with the head in the heavenly realms having also been raised from the dead with him (2:1-6).

We also do our good works in him (2:10) and in Christ we're brought near to the Father by the blood of Christ (2:13) and we're the place where the Spirit dwells (2:22). Moreover, we, the church, manifest the wisdom of God (3:10) as you'd expect the body of Christ the wisdom of God to do. Glory goes to the Father through Christ and his body the church.

We grow up to walk in Christ - following his example of love just as my feet follow my head (5:1). And not just his body - but his bride with whom he is one flesh (5:21-32) having given himself up for us. Finally, we're to be strong in him (6:11-20) as the body of the divine warrior Christ who triumphs (Col 2:15) over the rulers and authorities by his death.

Everything is Christ - everything is church. One body. The Christian is with other Christians in the body of Christ - so that everything that happens to Jesus happens to us - from death, to resurrection, to ascension, to revelation of the gospel... walking his footsteps, living and loving as he has by the Spirit who lives in us, fills us and changes us. 

So that: you can't think of being a Christian without reference to Christ.

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