Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Triune Confession

Richard Walker notes that my good friends at Reading Family Church have published their statement of faith on their website - it's a warm, Triune, charismatic confession and I commend it to you.

This moves from a clear statement about God being Triune, to each of the three persons. Of the Father: The Father is the head of the Trinity who governs all things according to his sovereign and selfless will, which is to display the excellence of his Son to all people, and through the work of salvation, offer them a share in the love he has for the Son.

And then a great Trinitarian statement about the Bible: "The Bible is the written testimony of the Father about his Son, and how the Son faithfully reveals the Father in all he is and does. He has given this testimony to the human race through the Holy Spirit..."

Concluding in the new creation where: ...the righteous will be welcomed into a renewed earth to live in eternal, joyful and direct fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To God be glory and praise forever. Amen.

Link: Reading Family Church: What we believe


  1. oohhh. That's interesting. I thought that NFI were trying to avoid that?

    I remember someone challenging them on it - was it Mark Driscoll?

  2. The whole thing has been part of EA for a long time so that's been an implicit basis. Each church is really free to do it's own thing whilst living in interdependent relationship with other churches. It seems a helpful move, and I like what they've come up with.

  3. Thanks for the commendation, Dave. :-)