Saturday, May 22, 2010

Step into the light (Lou Fellingham)

This week I've had Lou Fellingham's new album on my iPod. We played her previous album, Treasure, to death in the car for most of a summer a couple of years ago - and this one might go the same way.

These are summer sounds written with the soundest doctrine. Funky, uplifting and yet able to engage with life's difficulties. This is an album of personal songs and declarations of the gospel. It's peppered with old hymn lyrics from a fresh version of To God be the Glory a bit of This is the Day...  and sheer Scripture To Him Who is Able.

We begin with a call that There is More than we see when we know Christ. I can see myself flicking the iPod wheel often to this one to lift my eyes. See the Lamb of God is a great song about the cross that I hope to sing someday with church. From the weight of the cross we move to  My God cares which is a great call to the implications of the cross - God is for us! The title track Step into the light, takes the opening song and turns the suggestion into an invitation - to come and know Christ.

I don't seem to buy much worship music these days and maybe it's because the quality isn't always high. This month I would recommend you buy Step into the Light and get the free download of Matt Giles' latest This Was Your Design and your iPod will be well refreshed.

Simon Brading "interviews" Lou Fellingham:

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