Monday, May 24, 2010

Six roadblocks to genuine partnership

Krish Kandiah reflects from his experience in Albania and beyond with some very ouch and very wise challenges about gospel partnership over on the Lausanne website and on his blog. Six roadblocks and one challenge: "who can you partner with today? I would love to begin a viral trail of stories of small and significant partnerships that instead of duplicating ministries begin to multiply fruit".

I want to die to ego. I want to see bridges built. I want to continue to benefit from those I'm partnering with. I want to give away what we have. I want to receive from what others have. I want to soon be partnering with people whom I'm not yet partnering with. I want to reach out to those we've failed to work with in the past. I want to be welcoming when others seek out partnership with me. Not because it'll be easy. Not because we can agree on everything. But because Jesus call to unity is a good thing.

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