Friday, May 07, 2010

Seven things to do with a bad day

Someone asked me the other day what to do with a bad day...  

A whole lot of political candidates are going to have one of those today, as are most of the rest of us so this seems timely. Events occur in real time... 

  1. Feel bad about it. Teflon people aren't really people.
  2. Go to bed
  3. Give the day to Jesus. He wasn't caught off guard by the run of disappointments in your day. 
  4. Rant your frustration to Jesus (i.e. Pray). Join creation's groaning song that longs for Jesus' return. Scream "hebel!" the cry of Ecclesiastes (meaningless, vanity, smoke...) . It's the name of the son of Adam & Eve who could have been The Promised Seed, who could have crushed the serpent and got us back into the garden if his brother hadn't murdered him. Cry "hebel!" and you're already turning your heart to the promised seed who has now come. In the spirit of Ecclesiastes you can feel the slap round the face of your own folly at thinking you could make a real difference - nothing lasts, life really is hateful... 
  5. Go to sleep. Wait for the light to overcome the darkness and proclaim the victory of Jesus. In my case, hoping that your 13 month old son doesn't wake you before that. On waking you can praise Jesus for the gospel proclaimed by the sunrise, and taste the sweetness of the new mercies of the new day.
  6. Go at your work with all his strength in you. Raging against the frustration again by believing the gospel, not prizing what's passing and enjoying the moments of grace that sparkle in the darkness. 
  7. Be ready to laugh hard at the sheer absurdity of life which are bound to bring more disappointment as you learn why the guy from Ecclesiastes thought it would have been better never to have lived...  and do it all over again... and again. And again.


  1. Amen to that!
    And great point about Abel - never seen that before.

    1. I got it from Leithart's Solomon against the postmoderns.