Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God's part and Our Part in Evangelism (or Trinitarian Missiology)

Had the opportunity to teach on the old chestnut subject of God's part and our part in evangelism this afternoon to a group of small group leaders involved in student mission.

I decided to take a slightly different angle to how this often done which may or may not have paid off... so we dodged Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility in favour of the easier subject of Trinity, on the grounds that how much of who does what is less important than who the who's involved are.

Non-Trinitarian thinking on Sovereignty tends to end up with a Hitchins style divine invigilator which people don't like and hardly motivates mission (or for some of us we get the big-wow-blast everyone kind of God who is impressive and super-holy don't-mess-with-me but perhaps not quite so personal...).

We get somewhere very different if we think Trinitarianly, and not by going god-is-an-egg/water/three-leaf-whatever, but knowing the Son who signified the Father, and so on...

These are the notes: God & Us & Evangelism - seminar notes

I had 30mins, and only did a couple of minutes on the section on the cross which is a summary of my recent preach on The Welcome of GodMP3: The Welcome of God


  1. When I click on the link, Google Docs says it ain't available! :-(

  2. That is a brilliant lemniscate!

    Lemniscates rock!

  3. Wikidictionaried it. Thanks. Methinks it was inspired by one of yours. Who knows whether I baffled, confused or helped those who came...