Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ezekiel 36: The Gospel of the Triune God acting for The Name

It was my joy last night to preach Christ from Ezekiel 36 at Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union. It was a hard passage and I'm still wrestling with it after the event.

Ezekiel 36 draws us into the question of whether God acts "for his glory" vs. "for love of us".  The key seems to be that he acts not for some vague sense of glory but for the sake of The Name, the one who comes from the Father to represent him, the Saviour, the Son who displays his glory. When the LORD acts for The Name he does so in a lavishing of love on the Son, through the cross, which is shared to the exiles and nations who look upon the one lifted up and are then born again of water and the Spirit. In this we see the brilliance of the gospel as the action of the Triune God for the sake of the Son which includes the wretched and the self-righteous in the wonderful loving relationships of the Trinity.
Downloadable here if you'd like a listen.
Ezekiel 36:16-38 Dave Bish - Exeter CU - 48mins 

Also I recently listened to my friend Sean preaching on Prayer on May 16th. It's classic Sean and brilliant, this Spirit-filled duracell-bunny of a man loves the gospel and has a grace-gift in exhorting the people of God. It's particularly sweet in the middle as he dwells on prayer in terms of us coming as sons. Prayer - Sean Green - Reading Family Church

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