Friday, May 07, 2010

Esther: A Christian Story

I've been teaching Esther again recently with my team and with The Bath Spa Christian Union so I've revised my Esther eBook. I've enjoyed teaching this book to mixed gatherings, to people from all kinds of evangelical backgrounds, keen to wrestle with this wonderfully dramatic text together - walking through it verse by verse, scene by scene, act by act.

Though the book is much neglected and God is never explicitly on stage... I love the way the gospel story shines from the pages of Esther...

I've pitched the e-book somewhere between narrative preaching scripts and a pop-level commentary, and included some Bible discussion notes for one-to-ones or groups.

Please feel free to interact and to challenge my reading of the book. I've been journeying with Esther for a while and there are things I can see today in the story that I couldn't see previously... I assume I have much more to learn (my general assumption for life).

PDF Esther (ebook) -- revised 2012


  1. was looking up Dumbrell’s section on Daniel in The Faith of Israel (big on Hebrew Canon stuff) yesterday, and I just stumbled across this little comment introducing the Writings, rang a few bells…
    "Each of the five megilloth (“scrolls”) is associated with a specific Jewish festival: Ruth with Pentecost, the Song of Solomon with Passover, Ecclesiastes with the Feast of Tabernacles, Lamentations with commemoration of the fall of Jerusalem, and Esther with Purim" (p.245)

    He doesn’t develop it, but it’s sure intriguing – I remember spotting the Purim thing last summer in Esther & being a fairly puzzled. Any tips?

    ...hmm, John’s gospel highlights a lot of festivals doesn’t it, wonder if that’s related?

  2. Purim means Esther remembers itself... There's probably something in Barry Webb's book Five Festal Garments which is all about that (IVP, best of the NSBT series)

    I love that the Song is with Passover. Sweet eh!

    Figures that you can make some parallels to John's gospel...

  3. Thanks for the encouragement - its so good to immerse ourselves in a whole book of God's word isn't it!