Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enjoying the sunshine

My friend Stu is reflecting on the sunshine. I enjoy his thoughts and I think we can probably go a even further than just being blown away by the sheer attraction and power of the sun.

1. Psalm 19 speaks of the heaven's proclaiming the glory of God - and the sun's part in that is to be like a bridegroom moving through the sky. That's not abstract power, it's LOVE. Look at the sky and see the love of God.

2. The gospel pattern is that the Triune God sends the Son into the world as The Light who shines in the darkness. The darkness tries to overcome the light but cannot. The moon shines at night to hold back the darkness, and the sun does so in the daytime.

3. And, Jesus died in the dark and rose in the morning. The end of the day proclaims the death of Jesus, the new morning proclaims the mercy of God - it proclaims the resurrection.
This is God's world and it is singing out the gospel. What can you see?
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  1. We so often miss how Psalm 19 is about movement and progression. We think of the heavens declaring the Glory of God as a static display of abstract splendour (cue hubble photographs). But it's 'day unto day' and 'night unto night' - it's the *movement* of the Light of the world from east (estrangement from God) to west (presence of God).

    It's very interesting that impersonal and static notions of glory lead to an impersonal and static understanding of creation's sermon (God is big and clever). Personal and dynamic views of Glory mean you see Personal and dynamic gospel proclamation everywhere.


  2. Ooo. I'd not picked up the east/west movement. That's great, and increasingly personal.