Friday, April 23, 2010

(The Triune) God's Pursuit of Glory in Love

Glen Scrivener is doing some fascinating engaging with John Piper's theology. Piper has deeply shaped me but I share Glen's concerns that he's not always clearly Triune, and can't help but wonder that many of the objections to his theology come from some false distinctions he makes. I love his ministry and I'm also finding these posts from Glen to be important.

We did it all for the glory of love (part 1) including an Bible overview of God's motivation.
We did it all for the glory of love (part 2)
We did it all for the glory of love (part 3) - arguing that it's not Glory before love, or Love before glory but Glory by love. Excellent and very helpful.


  1. Thanks for the link. This might be a more positive sounding engagement for people -

    Just to be clear - I'm happy to be a hedonist :)


  2. Thanks for the extra link. This is so refreshing.

    I need your Ezekiel 36 thoughts on this!

  3. Harri on Hardy's Tess and the Triune God: "There is no triune God of love and fellowship here, only a 'First Cause' who watches as dispassionately as Hardy watches tenderly. Hardy's critique of late Victorian moralism is damning, portrayed as a fusion of morals and a sense of social superiority based on class upbringing."