Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seven ways to be a missionary at University

From Matt Jensen at Resurgence. Easy enough to translate these to a UK context. Headlines here, go to resurgence for the detail.

1) Know non-Christians
2) Think about where you will live
3) Join the Greek system
4) Get involved (not just at church)
5) Start a small group in public
6) Serve the community
7) Practice radical hospitality

And when you do that you get students reaching students


  1. following the link, I think he means fraternities/sororities... doesn't quite translate but there must be some equivalence to getting involved in student life here.

  2. Aye, the 'Greek system' is just that Bish. I guess the English equivalent are things like the Rowing Club, the History Soc etc, except every student in a US college is involved in Greek life.

  3. I find Jensen's observation that people are sinning everywhere to be helpful... people might try avoiding sports clubs because of certain pressures, but people sin all over the place in different ways.