Monday, April 05, 2010

John Owen's Cake & Biscuit Evangelicalism

NOTHING BETTER THAN CAKE AND BISCUITS for a little analysis of evangelicalism. Mark Walley writes about the common slips made by conservative, charismatic and Jaffa cake evangelicals:

As you all know, the difference between a cake and a biscuit is this: When a biscuit gets old it goes soft, when a cake goes old it gets hard. Perhaps old is the wrong word, maybe it'd be better to think about it as being out of the heat of the oven for a long time. When biscuits are out of the heat for a bit they start to get soft and malleable and fall over at anything. When cake is out of the heat for a bit it gets hard and is better for hitting people with than for sustenance. This is what John Owen is driving out with the —by now much anticipated quote —the second we take our hearts or minds off Christ then our hearts start to harden to his glory or our minds start to soften in our view of it....

Go see John Owen's words on this


  1. Thanks for directing to this post - and the analogy: captures it brilliantly, and I'm sure I'll re-use it at some point! (Your intro sentence doesn't make sense (to me), though: it may need a verb before 'helpfully', or something.)

  2. Ah, the folly of the careless blogpost writer... sentences evolved... hopefully now fixed.