Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Gospel in Genesis: The Life and Times of Isaac

WHEN JESUS SAID MOSES WROTE about him, what did he mean? These two heart-warming brilliant looks at Isaac give a pretty good flavour. Listen to Rich Owen on Genesis 27 (mp3) - you'll love the opening "recap" of Genesis in the first few minutes!! And then read Richard Walker on The Gospel According to Isaac.
You can taste a bit of James Jordan's Primeval Saints in what they're doing and a whole lot of gospel as they read Genesis not about us but looking for the promise of the gospel.

When I first began to see Genesis this way the big book begins to hang together and make sense. Stephen Dempster suggests in  Dominion & Dynasty (NSBT): A Study in Old Testament Theology (New Studies in Biblical Theology) that we follow the threads of geography and genealogy through the Old Testament - wise words. And above all the two threads of the two humanities - the serpent seed and the serpent crushers / promised seed. 


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