Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Ordinary Work of the Gospel (Reflections on a weekend with the IFES team in Paris)

I spent the weekend in Paris visiting members of the IFES team who support students doing mission together in Paris. It was a deeply encouraging weekend.

I loved seeing them stage the Mark Drama (Mark L'experience) by Andrew Page, which tells the story of Mark's gospel - accessible, funny, engaging and creative to show the story of Jesus to people who have never heard it before. Abnormally big for France, great opportunity.

I loved hearing that the team and students are doing the ordinary work of opening up the Bible with one another and with non-Christian students. It's not a new idea. It's a very old idea. It's the way people become Christians, through friendship and seeing Jesus walk off the pages of Scripture and into their lives. There is nothing new, and that's great.

I was encouraged to catch up with a good friend Matt who is on the team. It was great to see his wrestle with God through the challenges of being struck dumb (i.e. having to learn the language) having been very active in ministry here in Exeter last year. I love that guy and his love for God. You get a flavour of his experience from this video with Philippa Wilson who is in her second year in Nice, France:

Relay Homestart Interview with Philippa Wilson from UCCF: The Christian Unions on Vimeo.

If you speak French and love Jesus I can't help but think you should go, being there even made me want to re-learn the language. The church is small, the number of Christian students is small - but that just increases the potential impact of even one person becoming a Christian... As the IFES teamers told me, they've asked themselves - is there a good reason not to be there. I was inspired by them and their desire to see the gospel advance in the French speaking world. They're heroes. And yet they'll tell you just how ordinary they are - ordinary Christians, doing the ordinary work of opening up the word of God with people that they might see Jesus.


  1. ..."my life is fruitful and will be fruitful because Christ is fruitful and will be fruitful and I am in him"... Thanks sister - and thanks Dave for posting this.

  2. Thank you for increasing my desire for European church work - albeit in Germany!

  3. Thanks for coming and encouraging us! Glad you were encouraged too.