Monday, March 15, 2010

Jesus is Unacceptable, Unsuitable and Inappropriate

This is the sermon from our son's dedication service on Sunday. It was great to say with the church that he's a gift from God, to be prayed for by elders and our home group overseers and to have the church pray to support us.

Download mp3: Mark 2:1-3:6 - No religion, only Jesus

Religion finds Jesus to be...
1) UNACCEPTABLE (2:1-12)
2) UNSUITABLE (2:13-17)
3) INAPPROPRIATE (2:18-3:6)
Jesus calls himself
4) THE BRIDEGROOM (2:19-20)

I'm struck by the way the religious respond to Jesus - they couldn't be more right about who he is, and yet couldn't be more wrong as they grumble at his claims, his welcome of tax collectors and sinners, his feeding of his followers and his saving and doing good to a man. Religion is so small-minded, picky and tight-fisted and anti-people and anti-God.

Jesus however is God standing in the room to give people life - any who will taste and see his gospel. God turns up as bridegroom, the one who gives himself for his people to give himself to his people.

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  1. Love this.

    May your son follow on those footsteps and be a man that fulfills his calling!