Monday, March 01, 2010

The Gospel from Ezekiel - To know the LORD

Over the weekend we gathered with about 85 student leaders from across the South West to... well you'd think to do leadership and evangelism training. And in a manner of speaking we did, by spending a weekend digging deeply into the gospel, beholding the glory of God in the gospel, and working out together the applications and implications of this.

We were joined by Adrian Reynolds, previously pastor of Yateley Baptist Church and now working with the Proclamation Trust, training preachers. Last summer I asked him to preach the gospel from Ezekiel - and he agreed. Here's the first session.

Ezekiel 1: To know the LORD - Adrian Reynolds

Sadly the recording of Ezekiel 34 didn't work, but I'll share chapter 36 later in the week, and also a plenary session by Jim Walford on Gospel Leadership.

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