Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terry Virgo at 70

Terry Virgo is 70 today.
He was 58 before I was even a Christian and I'd never directly benefited from his ministry until he taught at the UCCF student leaders conference in 2005.
Subsequently I found good friends within the newfrontiers family that has arisen through Terry's relationships, and in the last two years we've become members of one of those churches.
Terry is a man who is about the grace of God and the local church, something for which I'm very thankful. Having met Terry a handful of times in the last few years I find him to be a man of great integrity who lives what he preaches and whose ministry I hope has many years remaining.
If you've never come across him I highly commend his book God's Lavish Grace as a starting point, he'll deflect your attention away from himself towards Jesus. Quite right.
God's Lavish Grace


  1. Happy birthday Terry. You have been more than a blessing. You have helped shape our understanding of Christianity lived out esp. in the whole realm of Grace. Also your passion to see churches planted across the globe has become part of our genetic make up and how we do "church" - to be a missional people. God bless you much.
    With love,
    Colin and Navaz- Pune, India