Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evangelical Ministry Assembly: Piper, Grudem, Virgo, Coles, Goligher, Bentley-Taylor, Reeves, Honeysett and others...

My friend Adrian Reynolds has gathered a fascinating combination of speakers for the Evangelical Ministry Assembly in London this summer... Anglicans and Free Churchers, Charismatics and not-so-Charismatics... for a gathering on Spirit-filled ministry.

Rupert Bentley-Taylor, John Piper, Christopher Ash, Vaughan Roberts with John Coles, Liam Goligher, Wayne Grudem, Marcus Honeysett, Wanyeki Mahiani, Tim McMahon, Mike Reeves, Terry Virgo.


  1. sounds fascinating. looking forward to hearing the mp3s from this conference. anyone planning to live-blog it?

  2. Yes, ditto - I'll be looking out for the mp3s. Says it's priority to those in full-time word ministry.

  3. You could book anyway and let them know you aren't in full time ministry - they'll give priority to ministers, but still give you a ticket if they are available.