Wednesday, January 06, 2010

When I'm a gospel-Christian (a call for Christian Tautology)

Having looked at the very familiar funny-walking version of me, here's someone I'm keen to meet more often this year.

I'd like to be better acquainted with being in step with the gospel (Galatians 2:14). Defined not by endless labels and associations (3:29) but holding fast to the true gospel (5:1) which issues not opinion and meanness but in kindness and patience and love (5:16-25) that carries the burdens of others (6:1-3). This isn't doctrinal softness (1:8, 2:11) but a life marked by parental anguish (4:19) for others whose joy and maturity is sought. Increasing depth of gospel-knowledge is then not wielded against others but displayed in a self-giving love and pursuit of the unity that comes from being together in Christ (3:29). This kind of person seeks to make much of the cross (6:14) and is not so interested in error (5:6, 15) as in new creation life and love. Such a person looks like one who has been adopted into Christ, made a son in the divine family. The kind of person who will be humbled and devastated and bursting with Spirit-given joy at the grace that is theirs simply by hearing with faith (3:2-5). The more seriously such a person takes the gospel the less seriously they'll take themselves - for a high consideration of self (2:21) leads to a low consideration of Jesus, and vice-versa. Such a person would be refreshing and joy-inspiring to be with.

I'd like to be this kind of person more this year. I can't make that happen - I need the same Spirit with whom this new life began to continue his work. If you happen to meet me along the way, please encourage this pursuit by reminding me again of the glories of the gospel of the Son of God.

Tell me again of Jesus who loved me and gave himself for me, the one in whose death I've died and whose resurrection has given me a new life that is lived by faith as a Spirit-filled (4:6), righteousness-wearing (3:27) inheritor of God's kingdom in Christ. Only because the Father made a promise to Jesus (3:16).

Please don't make much of me, but do make much of the cross and the Christ who was crucified for me. Remind me again and again of the new life that I have, caught up in the family of God, by his magnificent grace.


  1. This is fantastic Dave and something that I think we would all hope, pray and strive for. Thanks for the provocation.
    Love to you and your family, Grant

  2. Great set of posts Dave. Thanks.

  3. Glad I found this following our conversation at STC. For all I have little contact with you, I'll try to do my bit in encouraging this person out of the other one's grip!

  4. Thanks. And good to see your post on forgiveness.