Friday, January 15, 2010

Plymouth CU Mission Week

Christian Unions do mission all year around using their most strategic resource, the CU members (often about 1% of the student population), in clubs & societies, in corridors, in courses and making use of key calender moments (like Christmas, Freshers Week etc).

Many CUs have annual "mission weeks" where they put on extra events to build momentum and offer friends the opportunity to engage their questions and meet with Jesus... and to reach beyond the fringe to the 90% of students they probably don't know.

I'm speaking in February at Plymouth University CU's mission week. The subjects we're looking at (selected by the CU members from conversation with their friends) are (roughly)...

How Atheists Are Right (monday lunch)
How Religion Makes People Judgemental (tuesday evening)
Where Is God When It Hurts (thursday lunch)
Christianity: The True Myth (friday lunch)
Burn Your Plastic Jesus (friday evening)

...subjects set, titles a bit more provisional at this stage. Please pray for me as I spend time writing these and preparing with the students. And if you have better ideas for wording the titles do comment! I'm ripping off a Mark Driscoll title on the Friday evening, and I'm shooting for CS Lewis' "Myth Became Fact" and some stuff on historicity of Jesus on Friday lunchtime.

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