Thursday, January 07, 2010

History as a Christian: This ends BETTER than it begins

I consider myself honoured to know the elders of Reading Family Church, doubtless men of whom the world is not worthy. Hear what a couple of them have blogged recently about history considered Christianly.

Sean Green observes "...heaven as a better place than pre-fall Eden."
Richard Walker: "...the end is better than the beginning. We find this difficult to follow because we labour under the delusion that history is all about us. Put in simple terms, the next time a loved one gives you a gift (e.g. a box of chocs) and you share that love gift with them, you are, in a tiny way, mirroring the divine eternal love of the Father and the Son and summing up the whole of history."

Peter Leithart says that this makes history a deep comedy. Not just a comedy where all ends well, but a deep one in which it ends better than before. Granted there is frustration and curse in this universe, the gospel keeps sounding its hope-filled melody.


  1. This principle is profound and it runs throughout the bible:

    We look forward to resurrection not just resuscitation

    We look forward to being glorified not just rescued

    We don't get back to Eden, or back to Solomon's temple, we go on to the garden-temple-city.

    Paul strives to present people mature in Christ not just 'saved.'

    It has deep implications for how we live and minister now too, and I'm not sure 'we' always see this clearly. If the end is better than the beginning than we should be always striving towards the goal of greater maturity, greater christ-likeness, fuller glory. Yet, in my kinda circles for example, I see a heck of a lot of people being satisfied with simply 'not dying' and very little 'wanting to be raised' - the most significant manifestation of which is a lack of appetite for genuine bold reform of the church and people simply settling for survival/ the best of a bad lot.

    Anyway, I'm wittering on way too much now, so I'll stop. Good post, thanks. :)

  2. Thanks for this post, Bish. It's great to see how we fit into a far larger plan God is carrying out to bring about a God-glorifying universe, where many from everytribe and tongue experience his grace - and the love within the Trinity is expressed in a BIG way, overflowing to us in Christ, exalting Him... I need to remind myself of what this universe is actually about more often!