Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Essential Gospel by Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson's paper - The Essential Gospel is now on the newfrontiers theological papers. Seventeen very helpful pages.

The Bible preaches Jesus as the climax of every story, the fulcrum on which the whole of Scripture turns, the Gospel in every worldview. As those with the profound privilege of preaching the Gospel, we shouldn’t settle for anything less.....  To be honest, so-called ‘preaching’ that simply expounds a Scripture passage, without showing how Jesus is the good news of God, isn’t really ‘preaching’ at all....  I should never stop preaching the Gospel to people.  hen someone becomes a believer, that’s the start of them understanding God’s story, not the end; Paul was eager to preach the Gospel to Christians (Romans 1:15), so I should be too... the Gospel needs to be continually preached to them so that they grasp ever more of its splendour.

Also online, Newfrontiers is publishing it's vision & values over the next year

I'm currently reading Andrew Wilson's GodStories which is an excellent look at the gospel as revealed throughout the Bible. I highly recommend it. It comes in short sharp chapters which I'm reading slowly, day by day and enjoying very much. I like the title too - sounds like a name we could use for a CU mission week someday. Having reflected on CS Lewis' Meditation in a Toolshed I'm keen to invite people to step inside the world of Christianity, into the "GodStories" and see how Christianity feels and thinks and looks.

More from Andrew Wilson, guest speaking at Grace Church Chichester
More from Andrew Wilson at his own church, Kings Church Eastbourne

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  1. I picked up God*Stories at a summer festival (one of the only good things I picked up), and thought it excellent. Now using it with our teen Bible class - acts a bit like a catechism in engaging story format.