Sunday, November 08, 2009

Proverbs 7 - Temptation

Download MP3 - Temptation: Proverbs 7 - Stu Alred (first service)
Download MP3 - Temptation: Proverbs 7 - Stu Alred (second service)

Intro: Temptation
1. The Fool
2. The Victory
3. The Fight

Stu's notes on his blog

I felt the challenge of this message - where is my heart? It's easy to look out the window and see the fool but the reality is we're all caught in sin and don't even know it, we're all fools. We're not the wise son - only Jesus is - he is the one who should live and yet he dies, while we should die we live. He is our substitute and our example - and in him and with his word we can live! Stu stood with us as one of us in this which I really appreciated, the preach was clear and directed me to Christ. Which is what I needed, though I don't always realise that.

This sermon is a good example of the benefits of preaching back-to-back. The first sermon was good - it has some real gospel-bite, but the timing slipped a bit so that the ending was a bit rushed. The repeat and the in-between feedback served to improve things (not that the first service people will have missed out - God was with us all morning!). The second preach was better and those benefits will serve the church next time too. The art of giving feedback to a brother knowing that he's standing to preach again in an hour is an exercise in love that I'm thankful to receive when I've preached and honoured to be able to give to my Proverbs team mates Stu and Andy whom I respect and value incredibly. It's a joy to serve the church family with them, and to know the service of all the members of the church who contribute to the rest of the meeting to build up the church.

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