Monday, November 02, 2009

Christianity Explored

Tonight we're gathering the team from the Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union who will be running Christianity Explored from next week at The Imperial pub - an opportunity to prepare and pray as well as eat together.

Please pray for Catherine, Helen, Harri, James, Will and myself as we serve together. Harri and I are speaking through the course on alternate weeks, and doing a Q&A each time together. I'm going first, with Harri sharing her testimony...

1. Which God are we talking about? (Mark 1:1)
2. Isn't Christianity all about being religious? (Mark 2)
3. Jesus died. Why? (Mark 15)
4. Jesus rose from the dead. How? Why? (Mark 16)
5. How to make the most of your life? (Mark 8)


  1. Hope it goes well. Warwick CU's CE course is on week two tonight...

  2. Please keep us updated - last year was so exciting, I have no doubt that God will continue to amaze us!

  3. I'll seek to post each Tuesday to update on how things go. I'm doing "Christianity is Christ" for the first week with Harri giving her testimony - we're then both doing the Q&A. She'll speak in weeks 2 & 4, and I'll do 3 & 5.

  4. The Plymouth & Exeter Methodist District - or at least it's Chair will be praying for you.

  5. Not sure I've ever been prayed for by a chair.
    Much appreciated :)