Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phil Wilson On Mission in France: Learning the reality of union with Christ

I first met Phil when she came to visit her older sister who was a student at Reading years ago - now they're both working with IFES in mainland Europe. Phil was interviewed by ABH at Forum this year:

Relay Homestart Interview with Philippa Wilson from UCCF: The Christian Unions on Vimeo.

"Having the ability to speak taken away from me really exposed a lot of insecurity and sin in my life. And looking back at this year that I've spent in France, I've often not been able to see how God's been at work in me. And I feel a lot of pain about how huge my lack of trust in God's been and how small my joy in Christ is when everything else has been taken away. And even this afternoon when I was thinking about it I was just tempted to despair, but what God has been teaching me is that whatever the circumstances, and whatever my sin the gospel's still true. I'm significant because Christ is significant and I'm in him. My life is fruitful and will be fruitful because Christ is fruitful and will be fruitful and I am in him. And the cross means that however I may feel God is as committed to me as he is to Jesus because I'm in Christ. And I'm just learning more and more that my hope just has to be 100% in Jesus. Which is an awesome thing."

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  1. Slightly strange, but Amazing!

    Strange, as it's such a small world. I haven't seen Phil for about 5 years - I was on a gap year with her way back when...

    Amazing, cause it's great to hear how God is inspiring a passion for the Gospel in her and using her in her work in France. A lot of what she said echoed a lot of my thoughts in the last few years...tough times, aware of my lack of trust and sin, yet realising how much I need Jesus for everything.

    Brilliant post.