Friday, October 16, 2009

Persuasive, Passionate People

In a little under an hour and a half we've got eight recent graduates coming to our house for the day. During it they'll each give a short talk, engaging with a question a friend of theirs is asking, role play some q&a and then receive constructive feedback from one another, under the watchful eye of Alex from Christian Persuaders.
"We should, I believe, be praying and working for a whole new generation of Christian thinkers and apologists who will dedicate their God-given minds to Christ, enter sympathetically into their contemporaries' dilemmas, unmask false ideologies, and present the gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that he is seen to offer what other religions systems cannot, because he and he alone can fulfil our deepest human aspirations" John Stott
They've talked to their friends, prayed, prepared and read Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs by Tim Keller. I'm looking forward to watching our guys in action. Some of them are on their way full of terror, others full of confidence. The gospel of grace meets both of those conditions. My hope for the day is that this is a beginning of more engaging personal evangelism with their friends, and just possibly we might unearth a few who might go on to speak publicly too. Grace sets the tone as a place for growth, for empowerment for ministry, for enabling one another, for building confidence to go and do the stuff - however much our fleshly/lawish tendencies want to hide or impress.

At least eight times today in words I'm going to be persuaded again of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and probably countless more times as I watch brothers and sisters encourage one another. Bring - it - on.

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