Saturday, October 24, 2009

My X-Factor Opinion

Given I'm speaking at Oxford University on Friday I thought I'd kick off the next seven days with something high-brow...

The nation is divied between Strictly & X-Factor though iPlayer and ITV Player mean that it doesn't have to be a choice. Two of these shows is too much and we're an X-factor house. Two weeks in, two acts gone (Rikki & Kandy Rain) in here's my guess at where this is all going... Might be proved totally wrong in a couple of months but it's only TV... I reckon:
  1. Jamie 
  2. Joe (probably the actual winner...)
  3. Lucie
  4. Danyl 
  5. Stacey
  6. Olly
  7. John & Edward (just for the sheer absurdity of it)
  8. Lloyd
  9. Miss Frank
  10. Rachel
And the top 6 are streets ahead of the next four which sort of makes the next four weeks a little less than interesting before the real competition starts. Interesting to see the way we begin to root for talent, for total strangers, and feel like we know them... and the way that as a nation we find ourselves draw together by such things. Something draws us in.

What do you think?

Update: Midway through Week 3's live show I'd push Danyl up the list - owned the stage. 


  1. I think I hate you for thinking Jamie/Joe are even in with a shout.

    No doubt in my mind that the 3 most talented/entertaining are Olly, Danyl and Stacey

  2. :D Danyl has great potential, depends if he can consistently perform at and exceed that stunning audition.

  3. I think Jamie will be out fairly quickly - which would be surprising given his first audition, but unsurprising given how it took him until the last 16 bars of last week's offering to meet expectations... I love Stacey but not sure she'll make the top three - I reckon that'll be Danyl, Olly and Lucie?

  4. Danyl is good when going for big notes, but sings out of tune for the rest!

    Lucie owned it tonight I thought.

  5. I'd go with

    1. Lucie
    2. Danyl
    3. Joe
    4. Jamie
    5. Olly
    6. Stacey

    from last night. And, another John & Edward classic performance.

  6. I think everyone's underestimating Lloyd.

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