Friday, October 30, 2009

Isn't Christianity Irrelevant to Modern Life?

So, I'm in Oxford to speak at an event for the University Christian Union at 1pm on "Get Up To Date: Isn't Christianity Irrelevant to Modern Life?". Your prayers are appreciated. Pray things like: that people come, that I speak clearly, that the question time is beneficial and that people become Christians...

...all just a few yards from where Ridley & Latimer were martyred for holding to the gospel.


The event seemed to go well and I had some good opportunities to speak with people. My reflection is that I could have pushed harder on the way we dismiss things about Jesus that we don't like - some of his hard teaching about himself and about us to further show that the problem of relevance is real and rooted in our existing convictions and priorities as we search for a "stepford Jesus" - often when we say Jesus isn't relevant to my life plan, we actually mean "I don't like him and his plan for the universe". I came in 5mins short of the time I was given so I really did have time to do that. I'm hoping I'll get another shot at this title sometime and would love to develop the material further.

More events from oiccu media including recent talks by Vijay Menon and Tom Price. Similarly download Marcus Honeysett: Is Christianity all about being religious? from ciccu media

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