Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Reformation Day!

It's the anniversary of the start of the reformation (so tradition has it), with the nailing of Luther's theses to the door. What to do with such a day?

1. Enjoy the grace of God in the gospel.
2. Go to Theology Network and find out, who is that Luther bloke? And while you're at it, order a copy of Mike Reeves' The Unquenchable Flame and find out how we got where we are... and enjoy the best Christian book you're likely to read this year.


  1. I did 1.

    And I might just do 2. now off the back of your recommendation (buy the book that is, I kow who Luther is) - ''re likely to read this year' - high praise indeed.

    Can I suggest a 3rd?

    3. Resolve to make every day reformation day.