Monday, September 28, 2009

What's been happening in the last week...

Last week was effectively my first "normal" week of the year. I love the variety of the job and the opportunity to see God at work in multiple situations. Last week included two days in Bristol, one in Plymouth and two in Exeter and all these things for which I'm thankful...
  1. Hearing encouragements from a freshers week  - two new Christians, in response to the gospel shared by a student! That - is - what - this - is - all - about.
  2. Writing and sending a prayer letter to supporters. Those guys are the unseen engine who drive the work forward.
  3. Meeting with Hannah, Brian, Harri and Jo - members of the South West team, reviewing and reflecting on their work, planning ahead, praying and studying Scripture together. I love my team and the way they pour their lives out to serve students and the gospel.
  4. Hearing of an encouraging meetings between the team and church leaders, possibilities of partnership in Cornwall and in Bath. Meeting with Grant, a new church leader in Plymouth, building relationship and getting acquainted with the city. 
  5. Study with the Exeter team, particularly Leading Better Bible Study (Rod & Karen Morris) as we hope to resource CU's better.
  6. Helping Tim A prepare to speak at an evangelistic meeting at UWE. An honour to invest in a gifted young man.
  7. Hearing encouragements from Cornwall. We were invited to help start a CU at a College and now it's happening. 
  8. My end of year review with my supervisor Tim. I'm encouraged to look back and ahead, and thankful for some very helpful observations and training from him. Some work to do in response to that so that I can serve my team better. Meeting with my pastor to develop me as a leader, some much needed challenges and training. I'm so thankful for older men at whose feet I can sit.
  9. Preparing to speak at Bristol CU next week on Philippians 1 - a "what is CU" style talk on the beauty of gospel partnerships driven by the affection of Christ.
I'm thankful to God for the last week and looking forward to what God might do this week...

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