Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watching films

Blockbuster gave us a stack of free dvd vouchers recently - probably to entice us back cos we'd not used the store for ages... a few of these we saw at the cinema but the arrival of Zach has limited that a lot!

***** Gran Torino - another excellent Clint Eastwood film, I could watch him growling at the camera all day.
***** Slumdog Millionaire - brilliantly colourful, the location and the music make it.
***** Revolutionary Road - Sam Mendes with another angle on the American Beauty suburban dream thing, a disturbing drama.
***** The Wrestler - bleak drama about life, the hope of redemption and what happens when you can't find it.
***** Wall-E - smart animation with an environmental message and observations on freedom.

**** The Reader - very interesting drama about Nazi atrocities, about guilt and innocence.
**** Star Trek - the best Trek film in years, hardly a classic but good fun.

*** Yes Man - good fun with Jim Carrey, though a bit too much Carrey overwhelmed the idea for me.
*** State of Play - based on the BBC TV series, a good version that moves it to the US, but the TV series is better. The casting didn't quite work for me as well as the series.
*** The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - not great to watch just before you have a baby, good effects

** The Boat that Rocked - a little bit of fun but really nothing happens.
** Duplicity - poor Clive Owen / Julia Roberts something or other.
** Young Victoria - okaish insight into the life of a young monarch.

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  1. You've good taste, I agree with almost all your ratings :)