Saturday, September 05, 2009

UCCF Forum - French-speaking world, Krish Kandiah and loving the church

Open Forum went well on Wednesday afternoon, with some great questions and little controversy -gladly it seems the fellowship is growing in understanding and unity, and openness to explore issues together.

On Wednesday evening we turned our hearts to the French speaking world with pray led by guests from Chad (Daniel Bourdanne) and France (Raphael Anzenberger) - I was particularly struck by the need for church planters in France. It was great to catch up with my friend Raphael and hear about his work. I'd love to see him doing more in the UK but the needs in France are probably enough.

Thursday evening was a particular highlight with UCCF Alumni Krish Kandiah of Evangelical Alliance joining us for a brilliant evening. Simple and clear communication, engaged with the student scene and mindset, calling us to Spirit-filled mission. I was sat at the back of the marquee having come in a bit late (phoning home), when Krish put out an appeal asking if we were unlit, on fire or burnt out matches there was a stampede of students heading back for prayer, a joy to pray with students and then with friends on staff for the Spirit to come and empower us.

Terry's last session on Thursday morning on Ephesians 4 was great as a call to humble unity. Terry modelled the kind of humble not-kick-back unity with brilliant examples and kind words for those he respects and yet differs with, illustrated by his teaching on the grace-gifts of apostleship, evangelism etc.

The rest of our dig-deeper track on Transformed by the Gracious God seemed to go well. We walked through union with Christ, adoption, legalism, walking in the Spirit, the role of the Bible and Christian life in the context of the local church over three days, ending with a time of worship led by Olly Knight using his song on adoption. I'm thankful to have been able to teach on this alongside the unstoppable Nay Dawson. In September 2001 Nay and I were newbie Relays at Forum - who knew we'd still be in this work in 2009, God works in mysterious ways.

This was a week about unity in mission from beginning to end, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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