Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Saving Britain's Past: Bath

iPlayer has a documentary on what happened to the city of Bath after the war, the plans of Patrick Abercrombie & Buchanan and the attempt to preserve the past.

"Series charting the development of the conservation movement in Britain since the Second World War. Architectural critic Tom Dyckhoff describes how Bath, widely regarded as Britain's most beautiful city, was almost destroyed by Hitler's bombs, before narrowly escaping further damage from developers. Plus, a look at the birth of the listings system."

Bath in Time website


  1. How interesting. Am just about to go for a walk to Alexandra Park overlooking the city, where I shall look at the new part of the city that is being built. (Southgate)

  2. Til I was 16 I dreamed of being an architect...

    Interesting that having torn down Georgian buildings to build the awful old shopping mall there are Georgian style buildings being put in it's place. The moment they show what the carpark behind The Forum used to look like is sad - used to be a normal nice street... I totally love Bath but it always seemed just a little short of being totally beautiful, blighted by its tasteless post-war developments, and the University is hardly an example of stunning architecture.

  3. I seriously think that whoever designed the Hilton hotel, old Southgate and a few other places supported Gloucester Rugby and thought this would be a great way to get a cheap win over Bath. What happened at age 16 that stopped the dream? (If you dont mind my asking)

  4. The length of the training... I moved from there to Civil Engineering and picked all hard sciences at A-Level, and then at 17 blundered into studying Maths instead. I'm not sure I was making great decisions between the age of 16-17.

    At 18 I became a Christian which changed things a bit, but by then I'd left Art and History behind in favour of subjects like Chemistry which I was hopeless at. Part of realising my fallibility though.